dflux (Detroit Research Studio) is on hiatis for 2015.

We sold the dflux house and are trying to figure out what to do next with the dflux program. We decided to spend more time with our parents in other parts of the country while they are still young enough to enjoy our son and can't keep up multiple houses in Detroit. Ideas include continuing the residency program in our airstream trailer or building a treehouse for the residents. It also may not continue. People who are looking for residency programs in Detroit please look to Popps Packing and Passenger Both are wonderful organizations.

dflux has been an interdisciplinary residency program located in the Banglatown neighborhood of Detroit, organized by Sarah Wagner and Jon Brumit. By facilitating independently directed research projects initiated on-site, our program brings creative thinkers to Detroit to explore, begin new works or further familiarize themselves with our immediate neighborhood, the greater Detroit environment and creative community.

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